Aestiva Time and Billing


Fast Setup

  • Installation, setup and customization are included with purchase.
  • No software to install on user equipment since the product is accessed with a browser.
  • No integration with external database servers required since a maintenance-free database engine is included.

Simple User Experience

  • Simple and friendly design.
  • Run over internal intranet, or over the web if configured for world wide web access.
  • User needs no plug-in or special browser.
  • User can use any computer, including Mac, Unix, and Linux.
  • Auto login option for organizations with their own intranet login.

Features included with Base System

  • Dashboard with action summary and user schedule.
  • Project Timesheet with multi-level approval flow.
  • Leave Request form with multi-level approval flow.
  • Leave Request form customization during application setup.
  • Expense Report with "Scan-and-Attach" receipts.
  • Approval Flow - Email reminders.
  • Approval Flow - Unlimited levels of approval.
  • Users can be scheduled to a project by a project manager.
  • Users can self-schedule with approval by project manager.
  • Project form with:
    • Unlimited projects per customer.
    • Categorizable projects.
    • Assignment of users to a project.
    • Override of default bill rates for a project.
    • Invoices which can be scheduled per customer.
    • Support for Fixed Cost projects.
    • Ability to create custom invoice designs per customer.
    • Invoice preview and ability to drop lines from invoice.
    • Ability to attach PDF with merged receipts to invoice.
    • Invoice void and resend features.
    • Ability to set up project budgets across one or many projects (budget Time, Cost, and Billings).
    • Ability to set up ad-hoc budgets across any set of projects.
  • Reporting - Point-and-click report creation tool
  • Reporting - Dynamic displays with auto-subtotal and breakout.
  • Reporting - Single-click to spreadsheets and charting software.
  • Reporting - Single-click drill-down to form.
  • Adjust Time, Expense, Leave after approval allowed with authorization.
  • Audit trails.
  • Proxy Login (Ability to log in on behalf of others).
  • System integration ready.
  • Auditor's mode.

Services Provided with Base System

  • Form design specification.
  • Form customization.
  • Installation support.
  • Administrator training.
  • Pilot phase support.
  • Deployment support.

Can't find a feature?

It may already be included in the base product. For information about any specific feature please call us toll-free at 1-888-AESTIVA (237-8482).