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Purchase Order Process

A purchase order (PO) process includes one or more of the following steps:

--Researching purchase price and other details.
--Using a Requisition to get internal approval for the purchase and possibly the supplier.
--Going out to bid in the event organization policy dictates a bidding process is needed
-- Selecting the supplier if not already approved during the requisition stage.
-- Conversion of the items on a Requisition and possibly combining the items from other requisitions into one or more Purchase Orders.
-- Getting approval and acknowledgement from the supplier for the purchase.

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Purchasing Note

To complete a Purchase Order transaction, the Purchase Order processes is augmented with Receiving, Acceptance, and Payment processes. Aestiva's Purchase Order software manage all of the process steps discussed above and can be tailored to the particular process an organization follows -- making it one of the top purchase order software products.