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The RFQ Commodity Process

The sending of "commodity" Requests For Quote has a distinct process. The process is outlined below.

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The Commodity RFQ Process
• An RFQ Template is filled out.
• Suppliers are Picked
• Supplier RFQs are Send Out
• Suppliers Respond On-line
• Responses are Compared
• Supplier is Selected (Awarded)

The Best Commodity RFQ Software

The best RFQ software has two important qualities. First, during setup time, the seller should be able to modify each of the processes above.The customer process needs to match the automation.

During the setup phase, to fit the needs of the customer. RFQ Template designs, picking process, supplier deadline policies, comparisons, and selection process vary from customer to customer so "getting it right" is critical to success.

Second, these system should be able to integrate with other systems, most notably, purchasing and vendor systems.

Aestiva's Sourcing RFQ product satisfies these two requirements making it a "Best RFQ Software" system. For further information, give Aestiva a call.

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