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Invoice Authorization Software in Procurement

Invoice Authorization software, also known as invoice Approval software, and Payment Authorization, and AP Authorization, is software used in procurement processes that route incoming invoices for approval prior to payment. The approval processes are sometimes used as a substitute for receiving, and order matching.

The best PO and procurement systems have invoice authorization. When combined together, they are alternatively called procure to pay and AP Automation systems.

Example Usage

"Janet, the audit trail shows the invoice went out to Mark since he never marked that he received it. It looks like Mark is still sitting on it."

See Also

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Purchasing Note

Aestiva provides a very wide spectrum of purchasing systems. Why? Because every company is different, especially in the purchasing arena. We know.

Some organizations have legacy systems they have no plans on replacing. They may want to continue using their own purchasing system but still gain the advantages of procure to pay. They may need to continue using their invoice approval system but introduce a purchasing system. There are thousands of combinations.

One of Aestiva's strength is its ability to work with almost any customer situation.