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What is Timesheet Software?

A timesheet (or time sheet) is a paper or a digital (paper-like) recording of staff time. Timesheets have many different formats but they typically share a paper-like design. Most often, a user fills out their time on a daily basis and submits all of their time weekly. Less often, timesheets are submitted daily, every two weeks, bi-monthly and monthly.

Types of Timesheet Software

Timesheet Tracking Systems are instituted for various reasons. The reason typically dictates the design of the timesheet. Here are the most common.

Project Timesheet Software

These timesheet software system track time spent against projects. The user assigns their time to a specific project and possibly customer. These systems are used to manage project time and therefore, project spend. They may include project budgets (hours) to measure budget usage, and special reports designed to keep staff on track.

Time and Billing Software

These systems track time and, using pre-defined conversions of time into billable amounts, can send out invoices. The Best Time and Billing Software can handle different billing formats, handle fixed and variable cost work, and deliver various levels of detail to customers.

Employee Timesheet Software

This type of timesheet system is often used to generate payroll. As such, the systems include payroll reports, and support for overtime, sick leave and vacation pay. They may also provide the employee information on the leave they have accrued.

The best systems in this category can be configured to support special union payroll rules, complex leave accruals, and non-standard situations, including 4-4-5 calendar years, 52-53 week fiscal years, 4-day work weeks, and flex time.

Time and Expense Software

Time and Expense Software systems are typically used to gather the information needed to bill a customer but leave the billing up to the accounting systems. These systems can have both the time and the expenses listed together on the same document to make the process easier for the end-user.

The Best Timesheet Software

The best timesheet software is flexible. After all, time keeping is not a chore users enjoy. Less is more when it comes to timesheets. The Best Timesheet Software makes time tracking easy and intuitive. The timesheet should not be cluttered with options but do what it needs to do.

Aestiva offers a variety of timesheet designs. We offer vertical and horizontal layouts, and all the types of timesheet software mentioned above.

Note: Aestiva provides a wide variety of stand-alone and integrated timesheet modules and systems. Like all of the ones mentioned in this article. Aestiva's software and modules are available free of charge to users on Aestiva's Software Unlimited Plan.

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