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Inventory Vs Assets

In informal conversation, the word inventory is often used synonymously with the word assets. However, for those who understand inventory the two have very distinct meanings.

Inventory refers to items you count. Assets refers to the tracking of individual items.

Assets use serial numbers (asset IDs), tags and labels to identify them. They are often called "serialized goods."

Inventory items use single SKUs (Stock Keeping Units) to identify like items.

With inventory, each item does not need its own number whereas assets do. Note that an asset can have both an SKU and an asset ID.

Inventory Software vs Asset Software

Most often, the processes associated with inventory and asset management are different. It's why Asset Management Software and Inventory Control Software are distinctively different.

Aestiva offers Inventory Control Software, Asset Management Systems, and hybrid systems that manage inventory and also track serialized goods. Call for details.

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