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Decentralized Purchasing

Decentralized purchasing is purchasing done without the help or need of a centralized purchasing group.

Decentralization, when possible, is the least costly way to procure goods. Also, using top purchase order
software products, like those from Aestiva, management oversight is retained because information posted is not siloed. Audit trails, transparency, and reporting ensure activity is easily seen by teams and management.

Organizations with decentralized purchasing typically procure goods twice as fast faster and with less than half the overhead. Single-supplier requisitions, also known as unapproved purchase orders, are often used since they can flip automatically into purchase orders once they are approved. Decentralized purchasing is fast becoming one of the most popular ways to manage purchasing.

Example Usage

"We shifted from centralized to decentralized purchasing after our procurement team retired."

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Purchasing Note

Aestiva deploys both centralized and de-centralized purchasing systems based on the needs of the customer.