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Using Invoice Approval For After The Fact Receiving

In purchasing, after the fact receiving refers to the acknowledgement of properly received goods and services, not when they are received, but later, after invoices from suppliers are received and they go out for approval.

This process saves users time since it avoids the need to record the receiving of goods however it requires those who receive the goods to remember what they received many days after they receive the goods. As such, the process is highly prone to inaccuracies. Despite these limitations, sometimes after the fact approval is instituted. In fact, as many as half of all organizations use after the fact approval or, even worse, no approval at all.

The best procure to pay systems are equipped to handle different kinds of receiving processes, including after the fact receiving and mixtures of after the fact receiving and the more conventional process of recording the receipt of goods at the time of receipt and/or verification of items being in proper working order.

Example Use

"We probably should mark goods when they come in, but we do not. Instead we do after the fact receiving. In other words, we verify the receiving of goods when accounting asks us whether we received the items they are being asked to pay."

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Purchasing Note

Aestiva offers the best purchasing solutions since they can adapt to all kinds of processes, including
after the fact receiving and processes that mix proper receiving with after the fact receiving.