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Travel Request Software

Travel Request Software is used to get pre-approval for travel. Travel Requests are also known as TREs (Travel Requests For Expenses). The business process is as follows:

    • User Fills out Travel Request with user's legs of travel.

    • User submits the Travel Request for approval.

    • After approval the user goes on Travel.

When the Travel Request is integrated with an Expense Report the business process continues as follows:

    • User returns from travel.

    • User clicks link to "flip" the Travel Request into an Expense Report

    • User completes the Expense Report

    • User submits it for approval.

    • After approval the Expense Report is routed to AP for payment.

    • AP pays the expense and closes the Expense Report

Aestiva's Travel Request Software Solutions

Aestiva's solutions are customized to meet the individual needs of its customers. Have a custom way of calculating per diem amounts? Need to support currency conversions and submissions in different currencies? Have special Union rules? Need to track compliance-required information? Aestiva's systems can be modified to fit any business process. Call for details.

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