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The Top Five Inventory Control Software Processes

Inventory Control Software automates the business processes required to manage inventory. Here are the five most common.

• Inventory Check-in
• Inventory Check-out
• Physical Count
• Delivery Request and Fill
• Replenishment

Check-in means the addition of stock into your inventory.

Check-out means the removal of stock from your inventory.

Physical Count means the counting of your inventory.

Delivery Request and Fill refers to two processes; the request of goods by parties outside the warehouse for goods from the warehouse, and the delivery of those goods by warehouse staff to the requesting parties.

Replenishment means the reordering of stock to fill inventory for the purpose of having a desired level of stock in inventory.

What makes a system better than the next?

In short, the best inventory control software systems do the processes above well. They fit them to what you need and don't burden you with unnecessary features that just confuse your warehouse workers.

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