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Asset Management Software Process

Asset management software, in general, sutomate the following processes to help companies manage their assets:

    • Asset Loading - Used during setup, Asset Systems should provide ways to load assets from spreadsheets and CSV files.

    • Asset Transfers - Used to re-assign an asset to another owner and another location. Versions may be optimized for mobile devices and desktops and operate one at a time, or in batch (where multiple assets are transferred at one time).

    • Asset Maintenance - used to record maintenance schedules, remind users of upcoming maintenance actions needed, and store information, such as repair instructions and other data, related to each asset.

Differences Between Asset and Inventory Management

It is easy to mistaken asset management and inventory tasks. Keep in mind an asset is a "serialized good" where as inventory refers to counts of goods that may or may not be serialized. Here are the differences:

    • Asset management focuses on physical assets, while inventory management focuses on products.

    • Asset management involves tracking and maintaining physical assets, while inventory management focuses on tracking and managing inventory levels.

    • Asset management requires maintenance and upkeep, while inventory management focuses on ordering and replenishment.

    vAsset management involves asset tracking and reporting, while inventory management involves stocktaking and stock control.

How are the top providers of Asset Management?

The top providers are:

    • BM Maximo • SAP Asset Intelligence Network • Oracle Enterprise Asset Management • Infor EAM

How much do Asset Management systems cost?

A study using webbots (in late 2022) reveals that costs of asset management systems varies depending on the features and capabilities of the system. Generally, the cost of an asset management system ranges from $500 to $25,000 per year.

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