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Building Your Own Software

As a paperwork automation company, Aestiva offers you the option to build your own automation solutions.

Use your own staff or hire a "Webigami Designer " to help you. This option is new but it uses the same system Aestiva's in-house team uses. We explain the option below. Call for further details.

Software Development vs. Webigami Design

The good news is Webigami Design is not Software Development. With software development you'll hear a lot of fancy terms. You need intermediaries to translate what your team is doing. Projects take long and cost a lot. Unless you hire the best engineers do not expect great results.

Thankfully, Webigami Design is not Software Development. If you want to bake a cake would you make your own flour? If you want to redo your living room would you hand weave your area rug? If you want to do more exercise would you build your own dumb-bells?

What is Webigami Design?
Webigami means "Web Paper." Webigami Design is the art of setting up Web Paper.

To build your own automations you need a Webigami Designer. It is analogous to needing a Website Designer to build a Website except here you're improving the internal operations of your organization instead of its outward appearance.

As a Webigami Designer you use Aestiva's virtual paperwork platform. The virtual environment is a complete world for everyone in your company. As the Webigami Designer, you build solutions from Webigami Sheets for the staff. Solutions on par (or better) than today's commercial software solutions.

You put things together with point-and-click options and when special business logic is needed you code in Webigami BASIC. There is no Javascript. No Java. No libraries to install. No teams of coders to automate a business process. No server-side coding under the Webigami BASIC language. No need to be a security expert. Yada, yada. Everything is orders of magnitude easier. Everything you need is provided in the virtual paperwork world.

The virtual paperwork world includes hundreds of advanced components you can drop into webigami sheets, hundreds of workflow options, dozens of ways to combine sheets together and it includes the administrative options your customers need to run and manage the solutions you build.

The Power Of Webigami

The Webigami world is so powerful only a single Webigami Designer is needed to complete an entire project. Graphical design is replaced with standardized virtual paper. Database, KPI, systems integration, and charting specialists are replaced with functuals; point-and-click utilities built into the virtual world. No Javascript, responsive programming, external libraries, security and access controls need to be coded since they are handled by the virtual world.

As a Webigami Designer, it's you, the virtual world and Webigami BASIC, an easy to learn language.

Long Live (Digital) Paper

Webigami Sheets is the ultimate virtual paperwork world. The the concept of "paper" is proven over thousands of years. It was even used by the Ancient Sumarians to trade goats six thousand years ago.

No need to discard the concept of paper. Let's embrace it and give it more power.

Isn't it about time every company had their own virtual world for managing their paperwork?

Where digital paper can flow between staff and their partners in hundreds of ways and be shared live. Where digital paper can be spreadsheets, text documents, database records and forms. Where spreadsheets, forms, and digital paper is reportable without having to jump through hoops.

That's what Webigami Sheets is about. A virtual paperwork world for your company.

Want to automate your own paper processes? Want to become a Webigami Designer?

Then speak to Aestiva. We offer training and Webigami Designer support to get you up and running fast. Call today.

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