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Building Your Own Software

As a paperwork automation company, Aestiva offers different options for customers interested in automating their paper processes.

Building your own software is one option. And best of all, if you select this option, you will not be thrown into the world of Software Development.

There's Software Development and There's Paperwork Automation

With classic Software Development the developer builds from scratch utilizing, most often, different libraries they get from across the Web. With software development you'll hear fancy terms like SysOps, Git, and Open Source. Projects take long and cost a lot. Unless you hire the best engineers do not expect great results.

Aestiva does not offer a software development platform. It offers a paperwork automation platform. At no time does the coder have access to the underlying coding engine. Instead, they use a sophisticated engine proven across Aestiva's customer base. They use a single language called Webigami BASIC.

The Coder Does It All

Aestiva's paperwork automation platform is so powerful only a single coder is needed to complete an entire project. The separations of duty so common in web development go away. No graphical designers are needed (not typically a forte of coders anyway) since Aestiva uses standardized forms . No database specialists are needed since Aestiva uses a technology called Functuals. No Javascript experts are needed since, as a coder, all work one-hundred percent on the server side. No responsive programming is needed since the environment is automatically 100% responsive.

As a coder, it's you, the Paperwork Automation environment, and Webigami BASIC, a 5GL that is easy to learn.


Aestiva's Webigmi paperwork automatin platform deliver amazing power, but it is a paperwork automation platform. It is not designed for creating fancy websites. It automates business processes.

If the application you want to build is highly sensitive to graphical layouts then the application may not be well-matched to this platform. But if business process automation is what you need, then the platform may be the perfect option.

Building Applications

The Webigami Platform is complete. No other applications need to be purchased. Not only does it offer a paperwork automation language (Webigami BASIC) and a rich environment, but it provides customer application management. You get multiple distribution options; the ability to distribute software as "Open Source," and as "Commerical." As a cloud provider, Aestiva provides the hosting and environment (which you configure for the needs of your customers).

Looking to build your own custom solution? Looking to build and sell a vertical product? Then speak to Aestiva. Call today.

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