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DCAA Timesheet Software?

DCAA compliance, when it comes to timesheet software, is a compliance requirement placed on government contracts that, essentially, require they manage their funding properly.

In short, if the government funds you to provide a task you must provide enough information on your timesheets to trace that task back to its funding source. As a steward of government funds, you will want to obey DCAA compliance and perhaps go even further by making it easy for government to review your time and report on the use of funds.

Aestiva Support For Government Contractors

If you are looking to track time for a government contract then you may want to take a look at Aestiva's timesheets for Government Contractors. Starting at $150 per month, they offer exactly what your funding entity wants -- full transparency, easy to see audit trails, funding spent and remaining, and more. for more information contact Aestiva.

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