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What is HRIM?

HRIM is an acronym for Human Resources Information Management. HRIM systems collect and store information about an organization's full and part time staff. The basic HRIM system encompasses the basic functionalities needed for end-to-end Human Resources Management (HRM) through staff's entire employment lifecycle.

HRIM systems may include:

    • The Storage of Employee Records

    • Leave Management

    • Time Tracking and Payroll

    • Performance Management

    • Training and Development Information

Difference between HCM, HRMS and HRIM

HCM stands for Human Capital Management and HRMS stands for Human Resource Management System, whereas HRIM stands for HR Information System.

Although all of the terms emphasize different aspects of the HR position, they are similar. HR's main function is to help the organization in multiple ways. For example:

    • Helping Managers Recruit Staff

    • Helping Managers On-Board Staff

    • Helping with Employee Timekeeping and Payroll

    • Helping Maintain Benefits Plans

    • Helping with Employee Conflict Resolution

    • Helping with Compliance

    • Helping departments maintain their training programs.

Since HR is loaded with paperwork-intensive tasks, it can benefit a lot from automation. If you are thinking of automating your HR tasks, think of Aestiva Paperwork Automation.

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