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What is a Cloud Purchase Order?

A Cloud Purchase Order (CPO) is an automated purchase order system that is hosted in the cloud. It is designed to provide an efficient, secure and cost-effective way to process and manage purchase orders. The system allows businesses to create, send, receive and manage purchase orders online

Cloud Purchase Orders are also known as Web Purchase Orders.

Benefits of Cloud Purchase Orders

The main benefits are:

    • Increased efficiency - CPOs enable businesses to automate the process of creating, sending and receiving purchase orders, eliminating the need for manual paperwork. This leads to faster processing and more efficient procurement.

    • Cost savings - By eliminating manual paperwork, businesses are able to save on staffing and administrative costs associated with managing purchase orders.

    • Improved accuracy - CPOs are designed to ensure accurate data entry and prevent errors, which can result in fewer costly mistakes.

    • Improved visibility - CPOs provide businesses with real-time visibility into their procurement process, allowing them to quickly identify issues or problems.

    • Increased security - CPOs are hosted in the cloud, allowing businesses to benefit from the latest security measures and encryption technologies.

All Aestiva systems can be run over the cloud.

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Example Usage

"We are so glad our Cloud Purchase Order is, well, on the cloud. Everything is simpler. Our IT group doesn't mind either!"