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Purchase Order Workflow

The term workflow is used in purchasing to describe the process of sending out requests to be approved. In the top purchase order systems, like those provided by Aestiva, workflow is fully automated and flexible.

The determination of who should approve a document is auto-generated. The email notifications are automated. The handling of rejections are automated. And the change of status of a purchase order into a fully approved document (once all approvers have approved the document) is automated.

Top purchase order systems also give organizations hundreds of workflow options including user-based approval, department-based approval, account-based approval, user title based approval, project-based approval, combinations of these approval criteria with purchase amount levels, the handling of approval exceptions, and custom approval flows.

Example Usage

"Judy, our Aestiva purchase order workflow can go up to twenty levels of approvals but we use only three."

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Purchasing Note

All the approval methods mentioned above come standard with Aestiva's purchase order systems. In addition Aestiva approval flow mechanisms can be customized.