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Asset Management Software

Asset management software for physical goods is software that helps organizations track and manage their physical assets. This includes tracking their exact location, maintenance schedules, depreciation, and other details of physical assets such as equipment, machinery, vehicles, and inventory. Asset management software can also provide insights into the utilization of assets, helping organizations make better strategic decisions about asset allocation and investments.

Asset management software typically manages one or more of the following:
    • Asset Description
    • Asset Location and Ownership
    • Asset Expiration
    • Asset Depreciation
    • Asset Valuation
    • Asset Usage
    • Asset Maintenance History
    • Asset Maintenance Schedule

Types of Asset Management Software

The top types of asset management software for physical goods include:

    • Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) Software: Enterprise asset management software is designed to help organizations manage complex assets and assets across multiple locations. It helps organizations track assets, manage maintenance schedules, and analyze the performance and utilization of assets.

    • Inventory Management Software: Inventory management software helps organizations track and manage inventory levels, which can help ensure that assets are always available when needed.

    • Asset Tracking Software: Asset tracking software helps organizations track the exact location of physical assets, as well as any usage data associated with them. This can help ensure that assets are used efficiently and not lost or misplaced.

Asset Management System Flexibility

Since Asset systems come in many variations you willl want a system flexible enough to meet your specific requirements. A basic Asset Management System should beeasily changed into:

    • Fleet Management system - by adding vehicle information and a calendar with notifications to each asset record.

    • Equipment Training System - by adding a training log to each asset record.

    • Equipment Rental System - by adding Invoicing to the Asset System.

    • Equipment Maintenance System - by adding maintenance records and a calendar to it.

    • Software Contract System - by adding software expiration dates and unified costing fields to it.

Example Usage

'I just need Asset Management, not an entire EAM System. You want me to go broke?"

Why is Aestiva Assets a Top Asset Management System?

Aestiva offers multiple asset solutions. They can be integrated with purchasing systems, and ticketing systems and can run stand alone. And all software is free with membership in Aestiva's Software Unlimited Plan giving you the freedom to deploy an Asset System in a way that works best for you.

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