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Purchase Order Receiving Process

The Receiving Process are the steps required to record the receiving of one or more goods and services, the acceptance of those goods and services, and the handling of exceptions such as quantity mismatches, pricing mismatches, and unaccepted goods and services are received.

A receiving process includes one or more of the following steps:

-- Monitor upcoming deliveries via delivery information on the order (Purchase Order) and with possible communications with the supplier.
-- Record a partial or full receipt of goods and services. This is called Taking Delivery.
-- Perform a quantity and pricing match against the original order.
-- Perform a quality verification.
-- Record acceptance or non-acceptance of some or all of the goods and services received.
-- Manage the unaccepted goods and services (exception management) via back-order processes, credit memo processes and other means.
-- Monitor the status of the receiving process and close the process when all the items ordered have been received or when all of the items to be received have been received.

See Also

Managed Receiving, Purchase Order, After The Fact Receiving.

Purchasing Note

Aestiva's Purchase Order software supports, even in Aestiva's most basic systems, the Purchase Order receiving process,
making it one of the more advanced systems available.