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Procure to Pay Software

Procure to pay systems are cloud and non-cloud based software solutions that manage the purchasing, receiving, invoice pickup, three way matching, invoice approval processes and, finally, the delivery of the approved invoices to an accounting system for payment.

They manage the entire procure to pay cycle from beginning to end, utilizing an existing accounting system.

The procure to pay process typically begins with creating a purchase requisitions (multiple types can be supported), having it run though an automated approval process and issuing the approved purchase order to the supplier. Vendor management typically stays in the accounting system.

Later, the system may include supply chain monitoring to ensure items are delivered on time, after which goods and services are received in the system. Finally, invoices are processed using 3-way matching to streamline the payment of suppliers, and the data is seamlessly transferred to the AP accounting system for payment.

Note that we assume you are not replacing your accounting system. In general, the best procure-to-pay software does not replace your accounting system. Instead, it works with it. The approach results in far less disruption, lower costs, and faster deployments.

What makes a procure to pay software the best?

Flexibility and respect for accounting.

Let's explain. Many companies offer Procure to Pay software systems but unfortunately, with many, their experience started in the AP sector. This is a red flag because that sector does not require anything close to the level of flexibility required in the procurement sector.

To serve purchasing people you need far greater levels of flexibility. So companies without that background are often limited.

Furthermore, one should respect the accounting system. AP should continue to do vendor management, payment management, etc. Anything less becomes more disruptive and complicated. There is rarely a justification for the overreach.

It all starts on the purchasing side.

The best procure to pay systems are deployed in two stages; first one must satisfy the needs of the purchasing people (while taking into account the needs of AP). So one deploys the purchasing side and, once everyone is happy, one then adds the AP side. At that point everything is in place to do "management by exception" in AP. Needless to say, both purchasing people and AP people are critically important to the success of the deployment. However, the purchasing people are deployed first during the two-stage process.

Aestiva Procure To Pay Software

At Aestiva, we deploy Procure to Pay systems in two stages.After reviewing AP and Purchasing needs we deploy the purchasing system. Then in stage two, we deploy the AP side of the procure to pay system. At every point we review the results with you to ensure any and all issuesare addresses early in the deployment process. It makes for faster and more carefree deployments.

Better Value

All of our efforts are designed to make for a better deployment. Aestiva is typically half the cost of its competitors. We install twice as fast and encounter less than half the challenges. Let's face it; simple is good. If you are looking for a great procure to pay software system please take a look at Aestiva.

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Example Use

"Our Aestiva procure to pay software achieved its goals. Our operations run so much smoother now and we never had to go through the process of changing out our accounting system."

Purchasing Note

Aestiva offers top procure to pay solutions that automate the entire P2P process plus optional procurement processes such as sourcing, inventory controls, asset management and more.