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The Best Procure to Pay Software

Procure to pay systems are cloud and non-cloud based software solutions that manage the purchasing, receiving, invoice pickup, three way matching, invoice approval processes and, finally, the delivery of the approved invoices to an accounting system for payment.

The best procure to pay software systems pay for themselves in under a year due to the high degree of streamlining and spend visibility they can create.

What makes a procure to pay software the best?

In a word; flexibility.

Let's explain. Many companies offer Procure to Pay software systems but unfortunately, with many, their experience started in the AP sector. This is a red flag because serving AP requires much lower levels of flexibility than serving procurement customers. Those companies often lack the flexibility needed to reliably deliver a procure to pay system.

The lower level of flexibility is a big problem when deploying procure to pay systems, also known as AP Automation systems. To serve purchasing people you need far greater levels of flexibility. So companies without that level of flexibility experience loads of failures to the heart ache of all concerned. Some are able to go live, but without the gains desired.

This is because AP cannot do proper "management by exception" (a requirement for large-scale savings) unless their system can be fully integrated with the purchasing side. So you need to make the purchasing people happy first. And that requires a higher level of flexibility. In short, flexibility is a large indicator of success.

It all starts on the purchasing side.

The best procure to pay systems are deployed in two stages; first one must satisfy the needs of the purchasing people. So one deploys the purchasing side and, once everyone is happy, one then adds the AP side. At that point everything is in place to do "management by exception." Needless to say, both are purchasing people and AP people are critically needed and important. However, the purchasing people must be served first during the deployment process.

Aestiva Procure To Pay Software

At Aestiva, we always deply Procure to Pay systems in two stages. First we satisfy the needs of the purchasing people. Then we move to AP and satisfy all of their needs. As a company who began with procurement (having installed hundreds of systems) we know procurement. More recently (in the last five years), we have completed many complete procure to pay systems. We consider ourselves, perhaps, the best procure to pay system on the market today -- especially if you consider the costs to deploy a procure to pay software system from Aestiva.

Aestiva is typically half the cost of our competitors. In our entire history of selling complete procure to pay systems we had only a single instance where it was not adopted. This is saying a lot since the industry has a poor adoption rate.So, if you are looking for the besrt procure to pay software system, and you want your project to succeed, take a look at Aestiva.

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Example Use

"Our Aestiva procure to pay software achieved its goals. Our operations run so much smoother now and we never had to go through the process of changing out our accounting system."

Purchasing Note

Aestiva offers top procure to pay solutions that automate the entire P2P process plus optional procurement processes such as sourcing, inventory controls, asset management and more.