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This document summarizes the requirements to run Aestiva AP Automation on your own equipment. These requirements are for systems with transaction loads of 25,000 annual or less. If you have more transactions, then speak to an Aestiva Account Coordinator to ensure that the proper steps have been taken to support your transaction load.

There are three main requirements to run Aestiva AP Automation:

  • You need a copy of Aestiva Array for your server.
  • You need a Web server account.
  • You need an active cgi-bin in the account.

Aestiva Array is included with purchase. It runs on in-house servers, shared hosting accounts, and co-located (dedicated) servers. RAM requirements are typically in the 8 to 16 Gigabyte range. Hard disk space is typically in the 10 to 50 Gigabyte range. See detail below.

RAM Requirements

The recommend minimum RAM on a stand-alone or hosted server is 8 Gigabytes, but the software will run with lower amounts of RAM. If you are engaging in a lot of real-time reporting, increase your RAM to 32 or more Gigabytes.

Hard Disk Space Requirements

See Footprint to estimate the hard disk space needed to run your application.

Operating with VMWare™ and in Virtual Environments

Aestiva Array operates in virtual environments. There are no known limitations. Special precautions are not necessary.

Operating in Older 32-bit Environments

Aestiva Array operates in 32 and 64-bit environments. If you are running an older 32-bit systems please ask for a 32-bit version of the Aestiva Array engine when you order. The 32-bit engine runs about 30% slower than a 64-bit engine. (Note: We do not recommend you run on an older 32 bit system if you want fast performance).

Operating on Intranets

If you are running your own computers (Linux, MacOS X, Windows 2003, Windows 2008, etc.), then you can run this product. You will need a Web server. Use any CGI 1.1 compliant Web server (such as Apache, or IIS). Once your Web server is set up you can install Aestiva Array. No database engine is needed since Aestiva Array includes a maintenance-free, high-performance database engine. Once Array is installed, other components are added using the browser-native interface built into Array. No additional software or hardware is needed.

Operating on Co-Located Web Servers

If you are running a co-located Web server then you can operate Aestiva Array. Most co-located Web servers come pre-installed with an active CGI 1.1 compliant web server, such as Apache. No additional software or hardware is needed. No additional RAM is needed to operate Aestiva Array.

Operating on Aestiva's Hosting Service

If you wish to run on Aestiva's cloud service then no software, hardware, or IT support is needed. Accounts are optimized for Aestiva applications. All accounts run 100% HTTPS, include a minimum of 50Gig of SSD drive space, daily backup, and are ready for sFTP automated transfers, if/when needed. Call for pricing.

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