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Purchase Order Software

Purchase order software is a tool that helps businesses manage the purchasing process efficiently and accurately. By streamlining the creation and tracking of purchase orders, businesses can save time, reduce costs, and improve supplier relationships.

PO software also helps businesses stay organized and in compliance with purchasing regulations. Some systems may offer additional features such as budget tracking and spend analytics to help businesses better control and manage their spending. Overall, PO software can help businesses improve the efficiency and accuracy of their purchasing operations.

Benefits of PO Software

The benefits of purchase order software include:

    • Improved efficiency by streamlining the purchasing process

    • Cost savings by providing visibility into spending and enabling more strategic purchasing decisions

    • Improved supplier relationships through clear communication and tracking of purchase orders

    • Increased organization and compliance by keeping relevant purchasing information organized and in one place

    • Enhanced visibility and control over purchasing activities, enabling more informed purchasing decisions and improved overall financial management.

Advanced Purchase Order Features

Some more advanced features that may be included in more advanced purchase order software products include:

    • Budget tracking and spend analytics, which can help businesses better control and manage their spending.

    • Real-time updates on the status of purchase orders, which can provide greater transparency into the purchasing process.

    • Approval workflow capabilities, which can help businesses manage and track the approval process for purchase orders.

    • Integration with other business systems, such as accounting and inventory management, to provide a more comprehensive view of purchasing activities.

    • Automated alerts and notifications, which can help businesses stay on top of important deadlines and events related to purchasing.

    • Advanced reporting and analytics capabilities, which can help businesses gain insights into their purchasing activities and make more informed decisions.

    • Support for multiple languages and currencies, which can help businesses manage purchasing activities in a global environment.

Note: Aestiva cusgtomers get all the software and modules they want under Aestiva's Software Unlimited Plan.

The Cost of PO Software

Accoding to a web bot study conducted in December of 2022 the cost of enterprise-level purchase order software can vary depending on a number of factors, such as the specific features and capabilities of the software, the number of users, and the length of the contract.

On average, however, PO software can cost anywhere from $50 to $150 per user per month.

Aestiva provides PO Software for free, including all the modules the customer wants, as part of its Software Unlimited Plan. Aestiva's PO software is among the most advanced and customizable in the industry.

Aestiva's Software Unlimited Plan (as of Dec 2022) is priced at under $30/user/month for 10 or more users and $3/user/month for customers with over five-hundred users. Call for pricing.

Note: Aestiva provides purchasing systems as part of its Software Unlimited Plan. Under the plan, all software and modules a customer wants are included.

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"We are so glad we got an Aestiva Purchase Order software system. It is so easy to use."