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Purchase Order Software

Purchase Order software is an application designed to make it easy to fill out purchase orders, get them approved, and send them to suppliers.

Managed Purchasing

Purchase Order Software is used for managed purchasing. What does this mean? It means the management of the information needed from suppliers and/or provided to suppliersand/or needed internally to complete a purchase. Keep in mind the PO is a legal contract between a buyer and a seller. All the relevant information needs to be provided to the supplier.For example, a PO should include:

• The Supplier Name
• The Order Details For The Goods and Services Requested
• The Payment Terms
• The Requesting Purchasing Department and Intended Recipient
• Where to Deloiver The Order and How.

Purchase Order Ease Of Use

At a minimum, your Purchase Order system should have a streamlined purchase order process where fields are automatically filled out for you and where approvers are assigned automatically. The system should send out POs to approvers automatically, manage rejection and other workflow exceptions properly, assign PO numbers automatically and send out the POs to suppliers automatically or manually.

The Best Purchase order systems support Blanket Purchase Orders, Recurring POs, also automate the receiving process, provide advanced reporting, enterprise-level security and audit, and perhaps most importantly, their purchase order form should be highly customizable.

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Example Usage

"We are so glad we got an Aestiva Purchase Order software system. It is so easy to use."

Purchasing Note:

The best purchase order software are offered in multiple variations. For instance, Aestiva offers out-of-the-box QuickCloud Purchase Order solutions, and enterprise purchase order systems, and purchase order systems for a dozen different industries. Plus, all purchase order systems can be mixed and matched. You can pay only for what you need and get exactly what you want.