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What is Vertical Software?

Vertical software is a software solution designed to automate a specific type of business. And the family of software solutions for a specific type of business is called a "Software Vertical."

As an example, a purchase order application is not vertical software. However, a purchase order system specifically designed for Government Contractors is an example of Vertical Software. And the set of Purchase Order, Timesheets, and Budgeting software made specifically for Government Contractors is said to fill the Oil and Gas Vertical.

The paperwork automation platforms Aestiva uses to build out customer solutions (Aestiva Power Office and Webigami) are not verticals in themselves. However the solutions assembled with these platforms may or may not be verticals depending on the features provided. If the features are specific to a single business, the features are said to be "custom." If the features are specific to an industry sector or type of business, they are said to be vertical.

Are you looking for software for a specific Vertical? Aestiva can help. As a firm well seasoned in the "custom" arena, we serve all industries. To find out more, call today.

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