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What is Custom Software?

Wikipedia defines customized software as software that is specially developed for some specific organization or other user.

Custom software is software that's made to order. The largest firms build from scratch, spending millions of dollars on custom software development.

Small and mid-sized organizations lack the budgets to build from scratch but in many realms building from scratch is not necessary.

Two examples are the areas of Enterprise resource planning (ERP) and Operations Management, In these areas an organization can use companies, such as Aestiva, to automate.

Custom Software For ERP

For example, in the ERP arena, Aestiva's Webigami platform can be used to build solutions in risk management and compliance, procurement, supply chain operations, and project management.

Custom solutions, with integrations to existing accounting systems, can be designed to combine multiple business processes into one easy-to-use system, while also eliminating unnecessary data duplication.

Custom Software For Operations Management

As a paperwork automation firm, organizations can use Aestiva to help organizations with their business processes. Aestiva's systems ensure business operations are as effective and efficient as possible in order to help them deliver the best results to customers.

If you're looking to automate your operations and ERP, then consider custom solutions from Aestiva. You get more a lot more power than build-from-scratch at a fraction of the cost. Call today.

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