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What is Enterprise Software?

According toi Wikipedia, Enterprise software, also known as enterprise application software (EAS), is computer software used to satisfy the needs of an organization rather than individual users.

Unfortunately, the definition leaves a lot to be desired. What if the software serves part of an organization? What if it serves specific needs across the entire organization? Is it still Enterprise Software?

What if the organization is a lawncare company? And they have an application that runs every aspect of their organization? Is this application Enterprise Software too?

Of course, the word Enterprise Software, in practice, denotes the major accounting systems that serve the largest businesses. Wikipedia's definition, however sophisticated it may sound, misses the mark.

Most businesses do not buy multi-million dollar accounting software systems. Period. And when they do, they know they are too difficult to use by the rank and file of the company. And surely not flexible enough to serve the needs of most of the organization. It's why Aestiva serves customers with major accounting systems without duplication of effort. There is little overlap.

Serving The Enterprise

At Aestiva we define Enterprise Software differently. We define it as software that serves the rank and file of a company while also satisfying the upper echelons of a large organizations. And what do the upper echelons of an organization want?

First and foremost, the upper echelons of large organizations require Risk Avoidance. They want compliance. It might be SOC 2, DCAA, HIPAA, and NIST. The enterprise customer may also want proper separation of duty (SOD), transparency, and audit trails. They want access security roles, 24/7/365 support, SLAs and Aestiva compliance officers to help them.

In short, the enterprise customers demands a higher-level of service.

At the same time, the large company company wants software their rank and file can actually use. And that software cannot cost millions of dollars. It's why Aestiva is becoming more and more popular with larger organizations.

Aestiva provides an Enterprise level of service for those who request it. The high level of service is provided free for Aestiva's largest customers and smaller customers can pick from a menu of a la carte services or pick none of them. We do this without raising our proices to everyone else. The large custoimer no longer needs ot pay "enterprise software prices" and they get a partner who is nimble, and the smaller businesses who do not opt in, do not suffer.

After all, the overall majority of Aestiva's customers do not need the higher level of service. So by having the Enterprise customers pay for the higher level of services they require, we do not rob those who do not need the enterprise services to pay for those who do.

If you are a potential enterprise customer give Aestiva a call. Ask about our enterprise services. We're here to help you with risk avoidance like no other. Call today.

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