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Accounting Purchase Orders

Accounting systems often include purchasing modules for creating purchase orders. It is basic part of all major accounting systems. These purchase orders are called accounting purchase orders because they are created by an accounting system.

Unfortunately, accounting purchase orders are often confused with purchase order systems. Although the end-products are the same with both, the two could not be more different. In fact, not only are they different, the two are complimentary. Both make each other better.

Here are the top ways they differ.

-- Purchase Order systems serve mostly users outside of the accounting department whereas Accounting Purchase Orders serve accounting staff. Due to the different ways security is managed in both arenas, it is beneficial to not commingle the two.

--The installation of a Purchase Order system does not disrupt standard accounting practices. It automates the purchasing processes outside of the accounting department and automates tasks accounting staff do manually outside of the accounting system. The two help each other because the two automate complimentary processes.

-- Accounting systems are designed to satisfy the universal way accounting is done. Purchase order systems are tailored to fit the specific process needs of a business (which vary from company to company). The philosophies of accounting and purchase order software companies could not be more different which is why accounting systems, when they try to offer purchasing, do such a poor job and why purchasing systems, when they try to do accounting, do such a poor job.

-- All the major accounting systems are designed to integrate with external purchase order systems because they know purchase order systems compliment their own systems. At the same time, the top purchasing systems are designed to integrate with accounting systems because they know accounting systems complement their own systems.

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