Modern Workflow

Workflow. It means Workflow engines where you connect triangles, squares, and other logical stuff together. Right? Not so fast.

That approach requires hundreds of decisions. Many which demand experience. And multiple iterations. The approach is overly custom, costly, and time-consuming.

What is Modern Workflow?
Modern Workflow is a more modern approach. A more lean approach.

With Modern Workflow you pick from a selection of flow types. Hundreds of decisions are made for you. Spanning across workflow, and all aspects of the flow.

Modern Workflow benefits from a simple fact.

Most shared paperwork falls into limited types of office flows.

Best practices are built in for you. Security, compliance, visibility, and most importantly, the finer details. Like the names of buttons and which buttons and notifications to provide users in different circumstances. How the on-line paper is created, viewed and managed. It is all set up for you using our inventory of known paperwork workflows.

Coding and testing is eliminated. Of course, in some situations coding will be needed. However, even in this case, Modern Workflow is the best place to start.

Modern Workflow makes Aestiva Conversions possible.

With Conversions, you get more robust results. You get them faster. And you do not risk not being able to make changes later. If changes are needed after the Conversions have been completed, they can be added with Professional Services.

Also, Conversions make automations more affordable. So you can automate up to five times the paperwork you thought possible on the same budget.

Want to do justice to the phrase Digital Transformation? Then take a serious look at Aestiva Conversions. Your staff will thank you.

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