Aestiva's procurement and purchasing systems encompass a wide set of processes to meet most any need. We have hundreds of modules and flexible systems integration tools to ensure we can automate your needs, whatever they might be.

Aestiva's modules can be combined in different ways, launched stand-alone, and augmented with hundreds of add-ons.

• Whether you have ten users or ten-thousand users, we can help.
• Whether you need special features for Oil & Gas, Restaurant Management, Manufacturing, Retail, Education, or Non-profit, we can help.
• Whether you use a single currency or multiple currencies, we can help.
• Whether you are single or multi-entity we can help.
• Whether you use a single language or multiple, we can help.
• Whether your requisition process can be combined with your PO process, or not, we can help.
• Whether you have non-receiving and receiving processes or not, we can help.
• Whether you do inventory ordering, or not, we can help.
• Whether you need project budgeting, GL/Department budgeting, a variation of that, or no budgets, we can help.
• Whether you need punchouts, project-based purchasing, specialized workflows, BOM imports, or not, we can help.
• Whether you need to process invoices, set up contracts, RFQs, entire procure-to-pay processes, or not we can help.
• Whether you need to integrate with any accounting, ERP, or home grown system, we can help.

Aestiva is a world leader in purchasing systems. If you would like a free consultation or you just have some questions, give us a call.

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1-888-AESTIVA (1-888-237-8482).

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