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Ladies and Gentlemen - Start Your Engines!
Aestiva Array Means Fast Software Development.

So your organization needs a development platform for building applications in-house. What do you choose? The popular choices are .NET, PhP, JSP, Visual Basic, C++, and Java. But you don't know about Aestiva Array and its HTML/OS language. You need an overview. So in this blog we review why you want Aestiva Array, the ultimate platform for software development.

Aestiva Array is a truly integrated environment.
The popular dev environments are not. What does this mean? It means the HTML tags, the programming, the database, security and tasks like scheduling, background processing, email, and networking are all built into a single high-speed engine. You have one HTML/OS language and one engine. Not separate and different technologies, including outdated pre-web technologies, pasted together. Aestiva is not paint on a pig.

Aestiva Array is Engineered Better.
Actually, it's one awesome piece of engineering. And if you like good engineering, (you must, since you're reading a technical article), you'll value what you're about to read.

With Array:

> There is no need to define the data types of variables and therefore no mistakes can be made in data declarations.
> No need for a separate database engine so no database engine to buy or fail - nor a need to define database connections.
> No need to define fixed database topologies so databases are more flexible.
> No need to declare sizes of arrays and therefore no work managing the sizes of arrays.
> No need to manage session variables.
> No need for SQL or database administrators (DBAs).

Finally, because it's fully-integrated, Array is faster. Array was specifically engineered for building browser-native applications (Aestiva Power Office and our Power Office products were built with HTML/OS).

A Great Corporate Environment
Aestiva Array and its programming language, HTML/OS, is a great development environment because it saves time and money. Programmers can learn HTML/OS in a few days. Database-driven applications can be built from scratch in hours instead of weeks. And today, the latest versions of Array provide capabilities surpassing those in the world's most powerful database engines. These are values important to organizations everywhere.

Array's new VMACRO technology is radically amazing. Iterations across ten million records can be done in a fraction of a second. The technology is so fast Aestiva recently rewrote a budgeting system using the new technology. Calculations previously done at night over many hours are now provided real-time in a few seconds.

If time is money, then Aestiva Array is the perfect corporate platform:

> The HTML/OS language is English-like so less time is spent on commenting code or understanding code written by other parties.
> Its "Security-By-Default" architecture means you stay focused on coding your business logic.
> Programming is so much easier - your staff can develop much more sophisticated apps.
> There's no need for DBAs so less time is spent on data management.
> And since Array manages tasks such as background scheduling and networking and is fully browser-native, it doesn't require any IT resources other than its initial installation.

With Array, applications can be built in half the time with twice the power and no (or limited) IT resources.

HTML/OS is the language behind all of Aestiva's products. For good reason. In addition to being powerful and fast, it's cross-platform. We write code and deploy it anywhere -- on 32-bit Linux systems, Mac servers, and 64-bit Windows servers, for example. On iPads, iPhone, and Android devices. Aestiva is Web 2.0, at its very core. Always has. Always will.

The same reasons we use it are why you want to use it. So take a look at Aestiva Array. In the race to make your organization more powerful, Aestiva Array might just be the most powerful engine you can get.

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