Extension / Scaling

Aestiva applications can be extended with other Aestiva applications, and they can be scaled to support thousands of users. This flexibility is because Aestiva's products utilize Aestiva Power Office.

The Power Office Advantage

Extensibility and scalability are built into the Aestiva Power Office engine. A single Power Office engine can house many applications (such as timesheets, purchase orders, or expense reports).

The Application Hub

Alternatively, a "software hub" can be set up that links users to different Power Office installations. Users enjoy what appears to be a single login and interface; but underneath are different applications, on different copies of Power Office, installed at the same or different locations. The setup of a Power Office Hub does not require special hardware or routers.


Aestiva provides a sophisticated and powerful architecture that supports product integration, expansion, scaling, and extension. For further information please speak to your Aestiva Account Coordinator.

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