What you get.

Conversions place your paperwork on-line. On the cloud. But not only that.

You and your paperwork get workflow, notifications, and management controls it did not have before. See what you get below.

Always On
Conversions place paperwork on-line. Access it any time of day. From anywhere in the world. From home or work or while you're on the road. Use a smartphone, tablet, or desktop.

No phone apps needed.

Paperwork is easy to access from every user's Home page. Creating, finding, and viewing paperwork could not be easier.

Management Controls
All paperwork placed on-line can be managed with a back-end administrative system. Set up users. Set up user roles. Assign users different levels of access.

Aestiva's As-Needed-Basis security makes it easy.

Advanced Reporting
On-line paperwork is reportable. In fact, all the fields on your paperwork are reportable.

Reports have customizable columns queries, and features like grouping, roll-ups, calculations, extrapolation, pivoting, charting, data download, security filters, drill-down to data, and more.

Remote Audit
Once your paperwork is placed on-line, audit becomes available on-line too.

Users benefit too because audit trails are placed at the bottom of each document. Users can see who did what and when. Think of it as visibility on steriods.

Security and Privacy
On-line paperwork is accessed via HTTPS only. Login security options are available for two-factor authorization, the addition of a real-time security officer and a privacy officer to oversee access to information deemed private.

Behind-the-scenes, your paperwork sits inside three layers of sandboxes, and all private information is encrypted.

Designer Tools
If you want to, you can authorize Designers at the paperwork (application) level to perform design, coding, and development tasks.

Also, on-line accounts are married to Test Accounts. Authorized Designers can use your Test Account to modify paperwork and publish to Live when needed.

Designer training required.

Please contact Aestiva for further information.

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