Aestiva provides inventory systems for a wide variety of inventory processes. It is not one system fits all. To help you narrow down your needs see the main inventory system types below.

Standard Inventory
Aestiva's standard inventory solutions automate check-in and check-out processes and stock take (physical count) processes. Solutions include inventory reporting and transaction reporting.

Standard Inventory is often needed when replenishment is needed.

Solutions can be augmented with the creation of POs for items below ROP, warehouse transfers, receive into inventory, item tracking, the ability to quarantine, and the management of delivery requests and fulfillment.

Non-SKU Inventory
Many inventory management processes do not need SKUs and hence, SKU management. Given the overhead related to SKU management, there are many scenarios where SKU-less inventory is preferred.

In particular, project-based inventory, in-transit inventory and classic distribution Often fit this situation. In these cases, each item is tracked but SKUs are not neccessary.

Asset Management
These systems, like non-SKU Inventory, do not need SKUs. However, here each inventory item often includes sizable data associated with each inventory item.

Base systems support asset creation and retirement, asset checks, location transfers, asset reporting, and valuation.

These processes can be augmented with calendars and alerts, tools to creation assets from received goods, and information like repair records, a history of the movement and ownership of the asset, and POs and other paperwork & documents related to the asset.

Other Features
Aestiva always assembles systems to meet customer needs. Other features can include multi-UOM stocktakes, integrations with POS and e-commerce systems, integration with RFID tag scanners, recipe management and integration with Aestiva systems.

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