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Power Office Release Log

Power Office Version A651 (Updated 07/24/2019)
- added configurations to add/remove menu options to the home page create button.
- added support for forced tagging.
- disabled auto-print for PDF printing.
- updates to post invoice macro support/ajax/add lines, receiving macro support.
- updates to Custom Budget upload/download, entity logo tools.
- added more support for APA licensing
- misc changes to vendor counter
- misc fixes to Chrome bugs.
Power Office Version A645 (Updated 02/18/2019)
- added option to reset with temporary password (limited to single attempt)
- added stronger encryption to user password storage.
- misc additions to supplemental password module
- fixed bug in user security report for submitable dept's.
- added user search to user page.
Power Office Version A644 (Updated 01/30/2019)
- misc changes to title approval, logo tool and label maker tools.
- added support for Box/QB/Redcat/Smartshift/Open Exchange Rates APIs
- misc changes to OCR system, post invoice tools.
- added restore of VE sort
- add warning when clicking help/options on Forms
- added new option to enable/disable the user's password link.
- increased limit of untagged forms to 10,000.
- added new macros for "Before" Unapprove and Void.
- added support for Aestiva's new data center.
- added "Loading..." page to support frame-within-a-frame problems with system timeout.
- extended support for re-usable templates
- misc additions and fixes to the user page.
- Extended the email popup with support to default attachments and run after-email-send macro
Power Office Version A639 (Updated 11/26/2018)
- added support for APA module licensing.
- added auto-generating an entity prefix for Vendor IDs
- misc fixes to tagging to support older tagging routines.
- added more page controls
- added features to external database routines and added help.
Power Office Version A626 (Updated 08/08/2018)
- misc changes to reporting system.
- added support for "Box" API.
- misc changes to rfq comparison,post invoice tools.
- miss changes to title-based approval budget,create invoice,receive tools.
- extended capabilities of home page macros.
- added support for auto-approve on re-submit
- added support for editing the Home page and V and E screen designs.
- added support for editing of external backup database
- added support for external backup database
- misc changes to reporting system
Power Office Version A618 (Updated 12/12/17)
- added new EDIT tools, changes to Batch Multi-close, Batch Update, tools.
- misc additions to Form Create,Inventory Import,Post Invoice,Receiving tools.
- misc updates to barcode label maker
- added support for prefix to vendor counter
- added pivot feature to reports
- misc fixes for new browsers
Power Office Version A612 (Updated 08/07/17)
- Added Back-key Control Option
- Added "injection macro" support for View and Edit
- Misc changes to email attachment component.
- Extended user security report.
- Misc update of Sign-off Module
- Added macro to modify the create button menus on the V&E and Home pages.
Power Office Version A608 (Updated 04/04/16)
- Added new sort features for View and Edit
- Misc support for Webigami-Power Office transfers.
- Misc updates to inventory/assets/post invoice/receiving power tools and SSO capabilities.
- Added support for enterprise reporting processor.
- Allow multiple login/passwords back from lost password request,
Power Office Version A602 (Updated 09/02/16)
- Added support for multi-file attachments and digital signatures.
- Misc updates of inventory and asset power tools.
- Misc changes to invoicing, time tracking, on-hold, and shipping tools.
- Misc updates of the UI
- Misc changes to the reporting system.
- Misc optimizations.
Power Office Version A576 (Updated 03/27/15)
- Added external file upload management to Exec Snapshot.
- Added User Statistics to User Manager screen.
- Misc enhancements to Power Office UI.
- Misc enhancements to EDI tools.
- Reporting System: Compare Monthly Spend By Quarter and Year
- Reporting System: Compare Quarter Spend By Year
- Reporting System: New Trend Options.
- Reporting System: Misc sorting and breakout features.
- Exec Snapshot: Compare Monthly Spend By Quarter and Year
- Exec Snapshot: Compare Quarter Spend By Year
- Exec Snapshot: New Trend Options.
- Misc changes to Power Tools
Power Office Version A572 (Updated 11/24/14)
- Integrated Exec Snapshot into Home Page "Quick Menus"
- Support for 508 Compliance (For Sight-Impaired Users)
- Web-based Spreadsheet Interface added to executive snapshot
- Email Relay Enhancements
- Reporting System: Added Calculation Types
- Reporting System: Added Misc KPI Stats
- Reporting System: Misc Charting Refinements
- Misc enhancements for managing batch inventory and deliveries.
- Auto-attachments for email-based approval requests.
- Misc enhancements to EDI tools.
Power Office Version A555 (Updated 02/25/14)
- Added Tool for Resending Approval emails.
- Updated inventory, file extract, and post invoice tools.
- Updated title-based approval module.
- Added option for "email-based" approval and rejections.
- Added ability to "text" approval requests (through Aestiva's Texting Service).
Power Office Version A542 (Updated 10/20/13)
- Added "Texting" support (Integrated with Aestiva's Texting Service)
- Added End-User option to truncate View and Edit page (multi-form systems only).
- Upgraded look-and-feel of Power Office interface.
- Show/hide deleted users option added to user management page
- Added notification of proxy actions to user.
- Proxy Page - Option to allow pull-down when over 500 users.
- Reporting System - Download filtering and "summarize" downloads.
- Reporting System - Added "Calculation fields"
- Added ability to override email server.
- Added time-logging for outbound email.
- Ability to download attachments in approval emails.
- Ability to set up user to proxy for all non-admins.
- Added support for high-capacity attachment storage
- Miscellaneous Changes to Power Tools.
Power Office Version A492 (Updated 07/05/12)
- Upgraded Reporting System to use Vtags.
- Added "Protective layer" around Home page and V&E screen macros.
- Print Button option - Standard (with auto-Print).
- Added Support for HTML5 Inputs (not supported yet by IE).
- Added support for auto-login of Portal users.
- Added support for setting up Department expirations.
- Added support for setting up GL Account expirations.
- Support for "intelligent" "Quit" buttons.
Power Office Version A479 (Updated 04/20/12)
- Extended load-tracking system with detail view.
- Added support for PDF headers/footers within PDF print option.
- Updated po_counter() to support higher access on slower hard-drive media.
- Added "Quick Menu" that can be placed on V&E and/or Home pages.
- Defined the three skins: Classic, Classic-consolidated, Web3.
- Updated and added misc. Power Tools.
- Added misc. Power Office functions().
- Added Tab form component.
- Added Back to Reports link for Drafts.
- Added option to turn off "View Option" on View and Edit.
- Added option to define filters for report downloads.
- Added Homepage, Audit, Tracking DBs to Maintenance Screen.
- Added Running Reports/Tools to activity log and activity tracking.
- Added point-and-click custom email templates.
- Added Print Screen Button for Create page.
- Added auto shutdown to index and purge options on maintenance page.
- Added advanced setting to enable case-sensitivity on manual password.
- Added Portal-User Lockdown (Requires "portal" in name of profile)
- Added file size specific database warnings.
Power Office Version A465 (Updated 11/01/11)
-Added PDF Generator form component.
-Added support for concurrent and transaction licensing.
-Added Web 2.0 Power Office Homepage design option.
-Added ability redirect user approval to alternate component.
-Added notify proxy-parent feature.
-Added CC/BCC option to form email page.
-Miscellaneous changes/construction of new power tools.
-Miscellaneous changes to Enterprise Reporting option.
Power Office Version A438 (Updated 06/01/11)
-Added RTF Generator component.
-Added support for macros in standard Single Sign-On (SSO) macros.
-Added sim_isDaily(),sim_redirectHOME,sim_backupAction() developer functions.
-Added option to simplify forms without approval flow.
-Added option to enable "View and Edit" exit button to Power Office forms.
-Force "audit mode" when Proxying in as disabled user.
-Added "Email Progress" screen.
-Added "Close" to Print pop-up options overlay.
-Miscellaneous changes/construction of new power tools.
-Miscellaneous changes to maintenance page.
-Miscellaneous changes to Enterprise Reporting option.
Power Office Version A397 (Updated 09/01/10)
-Support for new Enterprise Reporting option.
-Added "EMAIL 2.0 Extension" option (solves "logo/attachment" limitation)
-System-Advanced screen has been reorganized.
-Added "System Load Tracking" module
-Added "System Processing Limits" controls
-Added support for "Back-Key Logging" and "Overrides"
Power Office Version A383 (Updated 05/14/10)
-Mobile display improved on Blackberry, iPhone, and PalmOS
-New Portal licensing option added.
-"Count Registered Users" option added to Data Setup-Users screen.
-Logging of "Single Sign-on" transactions.
Power Office Version A359 (Updated 03/19/10)
-New Clear Password-Security History option.
-New SQL-dump application with field-mapping help.
-Option to include/not include field names as first line in downloads.
-Database-rebuilding option.
-Vendor Punchout enhancements.
-Extended multi-language translation tables.
Power Office Version A321 (Updated 10/28/09)
-Extended multi-language translation tables.
-Added support for default language and translations of default system.
-Added multi-language login page.
-Added support single-line attachment components.
-Extended on-line help options.
-Added View & Edit Page Redirect and display controls.
Power Office Version A305 (Updated 09/01/09)
-Added support for Form version-dependent approval flows.
-Added Multi-language translations for Header Paragraphs.
-Added support for enterprise-grade SOD (Separation of Duties) administrative tools.
-Added support for enterprise-grade administrative audit tracking facility.
-Added "Email" template macro extension.
-Extended "Approval Request" and "Approval Completed" email notice options.
-Added option to enable/disable Data Menu download file headers.
Power Office Version A246 (Updated 04/01/09)
-Added Report Helper; a visual aid for selecting columns on a report.
-Added to the "Predefined macros" to exchanger module.
-Added report-specific drill-down control.
-Added additional approval request email controls.
-Added Approval Box formatting controls.
-Added "On Void" Email Notification option.
-Added "Email Confirmation Portal" option.
-Added "Tool Highlighting" option.
-Added Mobile Emulation and mobile header controls.
Power Office Version A162.2 (Updated 05/02/08)
-Began new version number scheme. "A" added to version number and decimal place moved one digit to the right. Change made to accommodate greater number of sub-releases.
-Added Benchmark Tester to System-Maintenance screen.
-User-defined user fields extended so they can store multi-select and array data.
-Added Print-to-PDF option on reports.
-Added "Report by Week, Quarter, or Month" select to date sorts on reports.
-Added single-click dynamic charting to the dynamic reporting system. Sort by a few columns and you will see an icon to print a Pie Chart or Bar Chart or a Line Chart (when the inner-most sort is a date).
-Added option to convert real-time reports to scheduled reports. Option available to Power Office admins only. Appears at top of reports screen. Activated when the scheduler is activated.
-Added Download option to ShipTo, and ShipVia data menus.
-Added "Button Overrides" option to advanced Forms screen so button on View and Edit screen of a form can be moved to the left. Can also be used to swap buttons on View and Edit, and Home Pages, with custom button images.
-Small changes made to Report Definition screen to make Line Item Group reports more intuitive.
-Added configurable data menus to make report definition and user lookup on reports extensible. The new Data Menu configuration allows you to change the source data for the data menu or redirect to a completely custom lookup.
-Added "Database Field Warning" boxes on component screen for any components defined as text areas or file attachment with potentially insufficient field length.
Power Office Version 15.8k (Updated 11/01/07)
-Added support for user-defined user fields.
-Added support for onVoid macro event.
-Added support for form-specific GL code (Category) filtering.
-Added background run option to Exchanger module.
-Added hourly-execution option to Exchanger module.
-Added option to force password re-entry when Approving/Rejecting a form.
Power Office Version 15.7 (Updated 09/09/07)
-Report Optimization Added (Line-item reports with standard query run up to ten times faster). HTML/OS 4.0 required.
-Power Office "Exchanger" integrated with HTML/OS 4.0 background scheduler. Can be used to schedule emailing of reports and other scheduled processes.
-Added ability to define multiple versions of a single Power Office form. For use in multi-language and multi-purpose forms.
-Added support for Component "Default Value" macros. Header and line-item components supported.
-Added "OnLoad Extension" feature for Power Office forms. Allows Javascript to call functions defined in the Forms's onLoad event (For Javascript Programmers).
-Added controls to User Screen for managing large numbers of form.
-Simplified import/export of user-based approval tables.
Power Office Version 15.0 (Updated 05/01/07)
-Added Japanese/Chinese translation support for View & Edit titles.
-Added Download link to all standard Data Menu screens.
-Upgraded Power Office header images, buttons, and miscellaneous images throughout the application.
-Upgraded Activation system. Activations (registrations) now done on a single screen.
-Added support for line-item based file attachments.
-Revamped View & Edit screen search box. Now supports "Google-like" search across multiple fields. (Customer Support required to activate this feature).
-Added "enable/disable cross-department categories" option on Categories administrator screen.
-Added "My Forms Only" option to View & Edit screen. Option allows user to view only their forms even though they may have greater level of access.
-Added automatic two-level sort to View & Edit screen. Added support for two-level sort to View & Edit display manager screen.
-Added Fax/Email Logging to help debug email and fax problems.
Power Office Version 14.7 (Updated 03/22/07)
-Added View & Edit Display Manager -- for copying settings between users.
-Macro control for CGI method of single signon.
-Email-this-report option added.
-Added advanced feature for linking reports to tools.
-Added Japanese/Chinese language support for Vendor lookups (for Vendor-enabled copies only).
-Added more Japanese/Chinese support to enhance localization capabilities.
-Added Auto-sending of forms to Vendors by PDF (for Vendor-enabled copies only).
Power Office Version 14.6 (Updated 02/06/07)
-Added Fax configuration to System-Advanced screen.
-Added "Tagging Matrix" controls for controlling when user Home Page entries are tagged (for multi-form systems only). Option appears under Advanced Settings on Data Setup-Forms screen.
-Added Image-attachment option for Vendor items (for Vendor-enabled copies only)
-Added "Default File Attachments Per Email" for uploading multiple file attachments in Form Email screen.
-Added "Form File Attachments Listing" to Form Email screen to allow easy selection of file attachments on a Form for inclusion in outbound emails. Non-printable (staff-only) attachments shown in red.
Power Office Version 14.5 (Updated 01/26/07)
-Added New Registration module to make it easier to activate specific controls during customer support.
-Added date-field option to View and Edit advanced search option.
-Switched Delete button with Void button on submitted forms returned to Draft status.
-Upgraded Punchout Manager
-Added "IP Access Allow" module to System-Advanced screen.
Power Office Version 14.4 (Updated 12/22/06)
-Added Report and Tools "Download and Upload Spec" options. These new options allow reports and tools to be saved as files and migrated between applications.
-Added tax field to ship-to import tool.
-Upgraded Punchout Manager.
-Added Japanese and Chinese character support to language translation setup.
-Added "Include Drafts with Standard Reports option to advanced settings.
Power Office Version 14.1 (Issued 12/4/06)
-Added Report and Tool overrides. The new overrides make it easier to set up and install custom reports and tools.
-Added Fax Server option to support different fax and email servers on same application.
-Added "Special Reporting" feature configurable via the reports "Advanced Settings" screen. The new feature allows you to set up Template and Draft Reports which list system templates and Drafts not previously accessible from the reporting system.
Power Office Version 12.9 (Issued 10/29/06)
-Added support for uploading off-line files directly into form. Module includes wizards for mapping data from pre-defined spreadsheets into Power Office forms. Also included export feature.
-Added "auto-print" option that activates a PC print request upon entry to the Print Report popup screen.
-Added Proxy option that turns over authority of setting proxies from users to Power Office administrators. Option is activated on the System - Advanced Settings screen.
-Forms Page - Added option for untagging multiple forms at once.
-View and Edit Display - Admin ability to set the initial sort on the View and Edit page. Option also included for placing size limits on the characters appearing in columns on the View and Edit screen, if desired.
-Form Components - Added ability to limit file attachment component to specific file types. Also added option to force attachments, when downloading, to pop up in their own screen.
-Added "Auto-resubmit" option to general approval settings. Warning: This option is not SOX compliant. Provided to satisfy customer requests.
-Added new Print Controls screen for configuring the printing of reports. This screen allows multi-page print breaks whereby the print break is provided every time the entries in a specified column changes. Ability to assign headers and footers to printed pages on specific reports also provided.
Power Office Version 12.5 (Issued 08/20/06)
-Added support for Vendor Territories.
-Added Advanced Form setting called "Exit-After-Save" that turns on a mode whereby users are provided different options after saving or submitting a form rather than automatically returning to the View and Edit or Forms page.
-Added Advanced Form setting to override icon used for item selections.
-Added "Print Screen Title" control for defining page titles displayed when printing form with browser.
-Added Advanced Form option to disable the "Form Unsubmit" button.
-Added Advanced Form option for disabling "Email" button on voided forms and/or on Open and Void forms.
-Added a "Password Security Settings" module for setting up different ways to restrict the passwords used in Power Office.
-Added "Security Report" option to user screen.
-Added option within the System Maintenance screen to edit the database settings used by Power Office.
-Added "Title Override" option for overriding the titles that appear on Power Office reports.
-Added ability to define request and approval numbers with macros.
-Form Components - Added form component that can display different images for different user selections.
-Form Components - Added ability to limit file attachment component to specific file types.
-Form Components - Added form component for embedding different pages of text on a form for different user selections.
-Added Advanced Form option for defining field used for TOTAL or DEPARTMENT in automated approval flow. Used to change approval flow from standard fields to custom fields.
-Added "Auditor's Report Mode" option for reports that allows you to build reports that access backup copies of a form.
-Added "Security Restriction" option for restricting reports based on the department of a user, or the "Submittable Department" of the user running the report.
-Added Maintenance option for importing records from a data file into a Power Office form.
Power Office Version 12.0 (Issued 05/30/06) (Release Notes Not Available)

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