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Buy Verses Build

"Buy Verses Build?" That is the question. Or is it?

Suppose you have a paperwork automation that's ten years old. In the procurement, expense management, time tracking or approval management areas. Your application needs to be replaced. It may have a huge number of features - specifically made for your operations. Users may love it. Others may prefer "the devil they know..."

Still, you are faced with the decision whether to buy a new application and retire the old one or build a replacement for the application. Sound familiar?

At Aestiva we see this often. The greater the feature set and the greater the end-user angst, the more painful the question. However the answer to "Buy Verses Build?" is easier than you might think. It simply requires you to answer the following question.

"Do You Know Your Business Process?"

If the answer is "yes" then you probably want to replace your in-house application with a paperwork automation system. If not, then you do not.

To be clear, when the answer is "no" you shouldn't even be asking the question "Buy Verses Build?" At least not yet. You should be asking "What Is My Process?"

On the other hand, when you do know your process then we can safely say you're (most likely) better off buying. How can we be so certain? Here's why.

If you know your process it suggests your general business process is not changing. It suggests your process is manageable and it suggests you'll be able to tell an outside party, like Aestiva, what you want and need. Furthermore, Aestiva's approach to paperwork automation is well-suited to this situation. For example:

1. Aestiva's Power Office-based solutions are assembled to match the processes you already have in place. This reduces end-user angst. Your users will likely get a much-improved product with little or no training needs.

2. Our systems are low-maintenance. They will likely cost less to maintain than systems put in place many years ago. And although they can be managed by IT, by going out-of-house for this solution, costs and delivery times will be much lower.

3. Aestiva's Power Office engine is powerful. Our (highly affordable) base systems may be all you need.

4. If you require special features we can put them together fast (usually 1-3 days each). Although costs and delivery times will be increased they are often in the 15% to 35% range and would be itemized and quoted in advance.

So there it is! If you're asking the question "Buy Verses Build?" the answer is simple. If you know your process then you should call Aestiva. If you do not then it's time to ask some slightly different questions. Of course, Aestiva wishes you the very best whether it is appropriate to call us or not.

For further information please speak with your Aestiva Account Coordinator.

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