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Policies For Aestiva.Net (Cloud Service)

Last Updated: 01/01/2022

Aestiva's cloud hosting (Cloud Service) is used to host Power Office solutions and Webigami and QuickCloud solutions. Your organization is limited by the terms and conditions listed herein (if you using Aestiva's hosting infrastructure).

Such terms and conditions supersede all agreements, even if provided in writing as part of an order for support, a support contract renewal, or an order for services. To supersede any clause in this document, customer must provide a signed agreement that specifies this document and its update date, explicitly, along with written agreement from an officer of Aestiva Software, Inc.

Tier Escalation
Cloud Services are provided in multiple tiers, each representing a level of server capacity. If you exceed the capacity of your designated tier, Aestiva reserves the right to raise you to a higher tier and pricing level.

Backup Storage
Aestiva backs up all information in Cloud Services daily to secondary servers and, historically, our up-time exceeds 99.99%. Plus, we strive to exceed a server failure rate of once in five years. However we provide no guarantees. Furthermore, Aestiva Cloud Services does not include off-site storage as part of its base level service. Note that Aestiva is not responsible for customer backup. We suggest you back up your data to an off-site location and maintain a proper backup and recovery plan irrespective of the actions Aestiva takes to protect your data.

Aestiva takes security seriously. Security measures include, at a minimum, the following:

• Customer access to hosted accounts is limited to the secure protocol HTTPS. Non-secure access to customer accounts is not allowed.
• Aestiva Cloud Service customers are not granted access to Aestiva Array, the underlying database and programming language behind every customer account.
• Every customer account is placed in its own sandbox so access to one customer account does not provide access to another. Customers cannot access one customer account from another except when authorized in Multi-server Clusters.
• Aestiva customers are not granted SSH access to their accounts. Large data transfers, when conducted, utilize an intermediate "transfer" sFTP server.
• User-access security rules for customer applications are defined within Power Office and Webigami and managed by the customer's administrative staff, not Aestiva, thus eliminating Aestiva's role in the definitions of user-access.

Audit and Compliance
Cloud Services are hosted at a secure data center in El Segundo, California. The facility has SOC 2 audit reporting. Aestiva also conducts its own internal audits and Aestiva is in the process of developing a SOC 2 self-audit. Call for details.

Incorporation into Support Contracts and Termination
Cloud Service, when provided with Power Office solutions, is provided as an extension to existing support contracts. If a customer does not renew a support contract they lose access to their Cloud Service account. In such event, upon contract termination, Aestiva shall continue to provide the customer two-weeks of additional access and help the customer remove their application from their account. In such event, Aestiva has the right to charge the customer for such services at industry rates.

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