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What is Zen Bytes?

Zen Bytes are posts about Aestiva's core engines and the philosophical approach Aestiva takes to innovation and design. Although our core technologies are not the center of our discussions with prospects and customers, they play a critical behind-the-scenes role in the success of every business automation.

As specialists in business process automation, we prefer to lead than follow. We are not content with the overly complex technologies of the status quo so we developed our own technologies.

In 1996 we invented the HTML Operating System, or HTML/OS, which we provide to the web development community. Using HTML/OS, we built Power Office, the browser-native office automation engine we use today.

The premise behind our technologies has always been the need for greater simplicity and power. We have never thought the two were mutually exclusive and they aren't. Zen Bytes is about our our quest for simplicity and power and the results we have achieved.

We hope our discussions provide you refreshing view of how wonderful technology can be when simplicity and power are in proper balance.


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