Sending Aestiva an RFQ (Request For Quote)

To submit an RFQ to Aestiva please follow the steps below.

1. Participate in an over-the-phone demonstration for the software you want.

Demonstrations take about thirty minutes to an hour. The goal of the demonstration is two-fold; (i) to ensure you understand how our software works so you can ask the right questions in your RFQ, and (ii) to ensure we understand the questions you will be asking of us in the subsequent RFQ. If more than one meeting is needed then Aestiva will extend the process to multiple meetings.

Aestiva requires this step to ensure efficient and realistic specification. Most unsolicited RFQs received by Aestiva (outside of this process) are insufficient at establishing the "meeting of the minds" necessary for a successful project.

2. Review the documents below.

The documents below should provide all the general information you seek on your RFQ. Use the documents to reduce your list of questions to only those directly related to the business process you want Aestiva to automate.

  • Who is Aestiva?
  • General Business Information
  • Purchasing FAQs
  • Systems Integration
  • Scaling
  • Security
  • Browser Compatibility
  • Server Compatibility
  • Running on the Cloud
  • Source Code Policy

  • 3. Submit your RFQ to Aestiva.

    Please formulate your questions so they can be answered on one or two lines. A spreadsheet format or a list is preferred. Questions should focus on your intended business process. Aestiva will turn around your RFQ within three business days. Feel free to ask for customer references.

    Do not submit an RFQ if your RFQ process is primarily for information-gathering purposes. Aestiva provides this efficient RFQ turn-around process to achieve a number of goals, one of which is to maintain our low prices. Your help in this process is appreciated.

    Have Questions?

    If you have additional questions about how Aestiva responds to RFQs, feel free to speak to an Aestiva Account Coordinator.

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