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Aestiva Solutions fit into the "Intelligent Automation" segment of the Digital Transformation space.

As a world-class leader in paperwork automation Aestiva has hundreds of solutions and modules in procurement, inventory control, expense management, and forms automation. Our "Out-of-the-box, Ready for Change-Orders" approach to solution deployment is efficient, flexible, and appropriate for any customer.

From sophisticated best-practice solutions to customized mobile forms with advanced workflow and audit, we are your go-to resource for brining Intelligent Automation projects to fruition.

Easy to work with too.
If you have defined the general scope of an automation, Aestiva can dig into the details and deliver the solution. It's what we do.

Aestiva's team will engage you or your customer, specify the project, assemble the solution, and deliver and deploy and support it. With over one thousand solutions delivered, and a near 100% success record, Aestiva is synonymous with success.

Whether your project is single or multi-entity, single or multi-language, single or multi-currency, or whether it needs to serve five staff or five thousand staff, or whether it needs to be on-premise or on the cloud, or it is needs systems integrations or not, we can help. We're okay with most requirements since there is not much we have not automated before.

Most projects can be defined sufficiently for quotation in one or two phone/zoom meetings.

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About Aestiva Software

Aestiva is a paperwork automation company. We have helped over 1,000 businesses since 1996.

From squeezing down customer response times to streamlining procurement services to building skyrocketing levels of transparency and audit, Aestiva is building a world where businesses run smarter, greener, happier, and better.

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