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The Vtags are Coming

Here at the end of the year, we are still pumping away at new developments. We're about to introduce new enhancements to our relational database technology. Called Vtags - just a few tags enable the definition of "virtual" tables from underlying HTML/OS databases, text files, and variables.

Note: Since this article was posted, the Vtags have become a great success. They are used throughout the Power Office infrastructure -- to deliver real-time budgeting, predictive ordering and features formerly too slow to deliver in real-time. And they have been used to speed up Power office, of course!

The technology is original. Like high-speed procedure calls in SQL, Vtags give you the ability to process large amounts of relational data. But unlike SQL, the technology automatically works with all kinds of data, not just databases. And it's not SQL. There's no need for large amounts of memory, processing power, and database networking.

The Vtag technology keeps with our philosophy of "simplicity and power in balance." The technology is powerful -- performing searches across relational data in milliseconds. At the same time, it is simple. It can be used on your existing hardware. The programmer need only upgrade their Array engine and use the tags:

VCREATE - creates Virtual DBs from DBs, Files, and Data.
VJOIN - joins DBs, Files, and Virtual DBs.
VFIND - queries the Virtual DBs.

We're also introducing a VMACRO tag. It will be available in our Array engine next month. The tag enables lightning-fast programming across Virtual databases -- the ability to process millions of records in fractions of a second.

We're all very excited. Even with all our business process know-how and polished corporate exteriors, we are still techies at heart. The other day a customer-in-the-know said, "The Vtags are coming, the Vtags are coming!" Seems we're not the only tech-excited ones.

For further information, speak to your Aestiva Account Coordinator.

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