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Powering Up Your Tools

In a quest to make Aestiva's Power Office tools, well even more powerful, Aestiva developed a concept called "Power Tools." It's really taken off.

Our long-term goal is to surpass the power of multi-million dollar enterprise suites while keeping systems simple and affordable. We understand this is no easy feat. But we work at it.

Aestiva's new Power Tools go in that direction.

Let's step back a bit. What are Power Office tools? Well, if you have a procurement application then you have tools for receiving goods and services. If you have an inventory system you have tools for checking goods into and out of a warehouse. If you have a time tracking system you have tools to process your timesheets. Tools are a basic part of every Aestiva application.

So what are Power Tools? Like our standard tools, Power Tools perform specific business processes. Mostly on Power Office forms. Your average tool in Power Office reads information from one or more Power Office forms, gathers user input, and then writes back to one or more Power Office forms.

Power Tools take tool capabilities to the next level. Your basic tool appears as a single menu option. But Power Tools can be duplicated and individually configured. Different versions of a tool can appear in your tools menu. Each can be assigned to different sets of users. Plus, Power Tools can be extended with extra functionality. They can be upgraded. They have become sophisticated applications unto themselves.

Suppose you have a tool for counting inventory levels. The warehouse guys in New York want their tool to identify lost inventory since they maintain a running inventory count. The guys in Chicago use the tool to assess and update their inventory levels since they do not maintain a running inventory. Power Tools allow you to configure different operations for different sets of users. That kind of functionality didn't exist with standard Power Office tools. Customization would have been needed.

Aestiva has already converted most of its tools into Power Tools. Procurement, Inventory, and Asset Management tools have been converted. The rest of our tools will be converted early next year. We expect an explosion in the use of Power Tools for all kinds of subtle business processes. Power up!

Can your current Power Office tools be improved? Do you need a new feature or configuration? Speak to your Aestiva Account Coordinator

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