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Working with all accounting systems.

The top 3 reasons why Aestiva AP Automation works with all accounting systems.

Aestiva has found it is important to work with the vast majority of accounting systems. Every accounting system we can.

Here are the top three reasons why we work with all accounting systems.

Reason #1
Almost every accounting system can take in an AP data feed and export supplier data. Some accounting systems are automatic. Others are limited to manual uploads and downloads of files. Either way, Aestiva can complete the systems integrations needed.

Since systems integrations create huge efficiencies, for the benefit of its customers, it has an obligation to interface with as many systems it can.

Reason #2
Some other companies like to work with only a few accounting systems. Not Aestiva. We are not here to tell you which accounting system you should use.

And we have no problem letting the accounting system be the primary source of GL, supplier and billing data. This leaves accounting functions and processes associated with this data unchanged. This is much less disruptive to the customer. It makes systems integrations and deployments faster and more carefree.

Reason #3
Aestiva has developed systems integration tools that give us the ability to complete systems integrations regardless of the format of the file (CSV, JSON, XML,..) and the transport method (sFTP, File Folder,..). Our tools give customers the ability to trace failures, resend transfers, and work across firewalls. It's how we can charge a flat 1.5 days of labor per integration point (perhaps less than half the industry norm) and can integrate with all accounting systems.

Note: Aestiva also supports systems integration APIs of major accounting platforms.

So there you have it. The top three reasons why we work with all accounting systems.

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