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Scalability: Introducing The Hub

Power /'pouər/

Noun: Ability, strength, force, energy.
Hub /həb/

Noun: The effective center of an activity, region, or network.

We are very excited about our newest advancement, Aestiva Power Hub. Of course, we toot our own horn just like any other business, but Power Hub really is something that makes even the most jaded account rep sit up and take notice. "Power Hub! This one's hot! Stomp on the floor a few times. Give a yell."

So what is this thing? Well, Aestiva Power Hub lets you link different copies of your Power Office systems together, and gives your users the ability to approve Power Office forms on servers in different cities, states, or countries.

Power Hub Provides World-wide Scalability.

And for icing on the cake, we've developed the logical BFF for the Hub - a companion called Aestiva Power Reports, which you might want to "friend" as well. It can aggregate information across all your copies of Power Office.

Excited yet? There's more. What's really cool about the Hub is its "low-technology" and its ability to scale up your business processes. Let's face it, we're not the first or only scaling technology in town. But most scaling technologies are too technical. This one is not. And scaling technologies rarely help you scale up your business processes. This one does. With our Hub you can preserve your successes and build on them. The simplicities that make your application a success are preserved. That's a big bullet point.

With the Hub you can "selectively" take control of Power Office's administrative tasks -- giving you the ability to "go corporate" on some data management tasks and leave the others to the admins of the copies of Power Office. Think of the possibilities - we are giving you the control you really need. Are you excited yet? Come on, do a happy dance in your head - we won't tell anyone.

For information on Aestiva Power Hub, speak to your Aestiva Account Coordinator.

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