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Scaling, Aestiva-Style.

About a month ago we announced our new ultra-cool scaling engine, Aestiva Power Hub. But as we sat gloating about our success we forgot most people associate scaling engines with words like "mysterious," "complicated," "risky," "costly," and "not-while-I'm-alive."

So in this article, we'll pull back the curtains and show you just how easy it is to scale existing Power Office systems to serve your entire enterprise.

Let's start by dispelling some fears:

1. Aestiva Power Hub gives you new options but doesn't take any away -- unless that's what you want. You link the Hub to live copies of Power Office. When you first link up nothing happens. After you're up and running you can selectively "centralize" administrative tasks. How much you centralize is up to you. Hub controls are turned on and off as you wish.

2. Power Hub doesn't require any changes to existing hardware or servers. You use the same IT skills you used to install Power Office. There's nothing new for IT to learn.

In short, the scaling technology was designed to protect your investment. It's "backwards compatible." It ensures you go forwards, not backwards. It's also very easy to install -- as you'll see in the next section.

Setup is 1-2-3.

Step One: Install Aestiva Power Hub. How? You set up a new server, install Aestiva Array, and then install Aestiva Power Hub. Sound familiar? It's the same process you follow when installing Power Office.

Step Two: Install Aestiva Power Reports. How? Just follow Step One. Done.

Step Three: Finally the nitty-gritty. Power Hub and Power Reports need to be configured. You do this by setting up links in the Hub to each Power Office copy. There are some configuration menus that need to be set up so the Hub knows which application is which and where each copy of Power Office is located. Once this step has been completed you have a working copy of Power Hub.

Not much nitty-gritty or mystery there in the end. We wouldn't give you a handful of complexity, you know that - we're the SIMPLICITY people!

So if you need scaling, we've got the scaling-without-the-bad-words for you. Take a look.

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