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Sales, Aestiva Style

It's true what you hear. We do not do sales at Aestiva. At least not the conventional kind of sales.

You know. The kind where someone exaggerates benefits. Where the sales person acts like your BFF but looks the other way when it's to his financial advantage.

Nope. We don't do that. We don't have commissions. No "top salesperson of the week." No end-of-month revenue goals. There's no pressure on us to sell, sell, sell. No kidding.

Some said, "If you're not aggressive in your sales, you'll never compete." MBAs would bless us with comments like, "You leave too much money on the table." Others were more argumentative, "You do sell products, don't you?"

Ah. Yes. We sell products. But we don't sell you.

We're a bit like Costco (NASDAQ: COST). Their business model is based on building and maintaining long-term trust. Costco would rather sell a pair of jeans with a $2 mark-up than go for the short-term gain and make $5 on the pair of jeans -- even if nobody knows about it. Costco's philosophy is to favor long-term trust over short-term gains.

We're no different. We promote and maintain long-term trust by looking after your interest -- by creating excellent products at fair prices. By being there to educate you about the products. Walking you through product setups. Training you and supporting you. And providing you a full-spectrum of automation products (See Not A One-Trick Pony).

We believe, as a provider of business process automation, that we shouldn't do sales. It's a conflict of interest. How else could we recommend you streamline? How else could we ask you to follow a "less is more" strategy. Sometimes we need to say "Do it this way so it only costs you five-hundred dollars instead of doing it that way where it would cost you five-thousand dollars." Like Costco, Aestiva's success is disconnected from short-term opportunities.

That's why we have many customers who automate one system with us, then turn around and ask for more. Their experience is that we gave them something good that was worth every penny they spent. Something that works and wasn't painful to deploy. Why not stick with us for the next round of automation? Exactly.

We understand in this day and age, there aren't enough organizations you can trust. It's a reality. But at Aestiva we strive to earn and maintain your trust every day. Long-term. Because at Aestiva, it's not about the short-term sales bonus. It's about partnering with you to ensure your automations are of the highest quality. When we do that, we all succeed.

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