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Finding Number One

You've heard the phrase, "the Customer is Number One"? How about, "The Customer is Always Right"?

Of course, who hasn't heard this before? We're sure these maxims are over a hundred years old. But does their prevalence make them correct for business? Is this an honest basis for a relationship?

No, we don't think so. We do better. A company with good products would simply give them away if their customers were "Number One". Businesses would go bankrupt if they truly followed "The Customer is Always Right". And a defunct company helps nobody. These sayings do stroke customer egos, but they are not honest. Nor is it the proper attitude.

So Numero Uno is not the customer. Okay. So is it us, the vendor? Are we Number One? No. Greedy and self-centered companies fizzle out. They're no match for firms who do care about their customers.

Okay, so if both the customer and the supplier are not number one, then who is? Well, for us, it's the success of the project. That comes first. The goals of the project dictate our actions.

The customer is not always right. We're not always right. If we have a concern about the direction you are taking a project, we step in and increase the level of communication until clarity has been reached and project adjustments can be made. And if the customer has a concern with what we are doing, we are willing and able to turn on a dime once we see the light.

The success-first perspective is one of the reasons we have a near one-hundred percent success record. We put the project first and expect the customer to do the same. So next time some vendor tells you you're number one, set them straight. "No we aren't." And then add, "And neither are you. The success of our project is number one."

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