Better technology.

Aestiva products are built with smart paper that delivers more power and flexibility.

smart paper.

Only Aestiva's on-line paper links together like Lego® to produce complete products.

And because each paper design has thousands of built-in capabilities, together they become products with features and power like never before.

Built-in Features

• 100+ kinds of workflows
• 100+ kinds of cells
• 100+ functions
• Advanced reporting
• Automated calendars
• Messaging functuals*
• Database functuals
• Charting functuals
• Alert functuals
• Scheduled processing

• Enterprise-level security
• Built-in document backups
• Audit trials and tracking
• HIPAA-ready privacy

• 100% Responsive (All features on Mobile & Desktop)
• Browser-native (Nothing to install on mobile)
• Powerful Scaleability (Expand to thousands of users)

* Functuals is a term used by Aestiva to describe functions that are configured with built-in point-and click modules for the purpose of going beyond the practical limits of function parameters.

Lego® is a registered copyright of the LEGO Group.

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