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Success and the Land of the Unknowns

People don't like to work with things they don't know. Why? Maybe they think it's a sign of weakness.

But the path to success often leads straight through the "the land of the unknowns." Now, we don't mean you should run around willy nilly. We're talking about the need to accept unknowns. The need to embrace them rather than avoiding them.

Did you know diabetes and heart disease were rare before modern civilization? Why is that? If we accepted this "unknown" perhaps we could motivate ourselves to do something about the millions of people who die needlessly of these diseases. If we embraced this "unknown" we might eventually discover the cause has been in front of us all the time -- the Standard American Diet. Google it! But alas we digress. This blog is about paperwork automation.

The point is; recognizing and embracing unknowns leads to good things. Great things. The business process arena is no exception. Some companies set up huge automation programs and waste years in an endless quest to avoid having to put their faith in firms like Aestiva. We've seen many failed multi-year automation projects that, had the companies simply spoken to us, would have required a simple piece of software and 30 to 60 days to fully deploy.

The truth is, Aestiva can automate just about any paper or spreadsheet process. Our low-maintenance engines and components can be assembled in an almost endless number of ways. It's what we do and we're good at it.

You don't need to know how our technology works. You don't need to know how different Aestiva products can be combined together to produce different automations. You don't even have to know anything about business process automation. Just knowing we're wizards at automating paperwork is enough.

What you do need to know is your business. How your paper and spreadsheets flow between people. You should know the tasks people take relating to that paperwork. These are the items we do not know. Once you outline those basic elements and bring them to our attention we can suggest the proper solution.

In the same way you don't need to know how we work, we don't need to know how your entire organization works. At least not fully. These unknowns, on both our sides, are okay. The path to success starts with a journey through this "land of the unknowns." If you're ready for the journey then please give us a call. Together, we can do great things.

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