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Hating Development. Loving Custom.

Okay. So Aestiva is great at custom work. But surprising as it may sound, if you ask Aestiva for a custom job, you won't be getting a development team to build your solution.

Nope. We recognize the pitfalls of custom development as much as you. It takes too much time. It has greater quality control needs, costs too much, and takes too long to deliver. These negatives should give any sane individual pause.

We understand and agree with the concern. It's why, if you ask us for a custom solution, we'll assemble it for you but we won't be developing it for you.

You may wonder whether we're simply arguing semantics. Okay, we used the word assemble instead of the word develop. So what? Aren't they the same thing?

Not at all. To understand the difference let's look at Aestiva's internal operations.

Aestiva products are based on two engines; Aestiva Array and Aestiva Power Office. Aestiva Array is a database and programming environment. Aestiva Power Office is a paperwork automation engine. Assembly work is done by our internal production department using these two engines. Now here's an important point:

The production department is not allowed to change the underlying software code of Power Office or Array. What's more; they can't change it because it is protected and off-limits. They can perform configurations, add high-level scripts to pre-defined "change" points in Power Office, and they can edit the HTML in Power Office forms. But they cannot change the underlying code in the engines we distribute to our customer base.

If a change is needed in Power Office or Array it must be relayed as an internal request to our Power Office or Array teams. The request is assessed and, if approved, applied to Power Office or Array in a way that safeguards Aestiva's customer base. Making changes in Power Office and Array is time-consuming. We do not do development for one-off customer requests. Development is reserved for the task of increasing the capabilities of Power Office and improving the tools used by our production department.

In other words, when it comes to the delivery of custom solutions, we hate development as much as you. So, if you're thinking about using Aestiva for a custom solution, don't get too anxious about the risks. Your task won't require risky, complicated and time-consuming development. We'll be assembling your solution.

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