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Purchasing System Setup Flexibility.

The 5 most common ways to set up Aestiva AP Automation's purchasing system.

The Aestiva AP Automation suite contains three systems; a purchasing system, an invoice approval system, and an OCR capture system (for automated pick-up of invoices from email boxes).

The purchasing system was designed to fit different company needs. In this post we look at the different ways the purchasing system can be set up. We look at five different scenarios.

Scenario #1
You may already have a PO system, in which case, you do not need another. In this case we would add a systems integration to Aestiva AP Automation that brings those POs and goods received against (if also done externally) into the system. Alternatively, you could receive in Aestiva's purchasing system or not receive at all.

Scenario #2
Your operations require single-supplier requisitions that turn into POs upon approval. This is the default system. In this case, the base system can be used.

Scenario #3
Your operations require both single-supplier MRs (Material Requests) and Service Requests with different designs. In this case, we would add a second PO form to the system and design each accordingly. The MR and Service Request forms can have independent workflows.

Scenario #4
Your operations require both multi-supplier PRs (Purchase Requests) that you split into POs. In this case, we would add a PR form to the system, design each accordingly, and add "tools" to create one or more POs from one or more PRs. The PR and PO forms can have independent workflows.

Scenario #5
Your operations include other forms such as Supplier RFQs. In this case we would add the necessary forms and tools needed to support your scenario.

In Summary
The setup flexibility provided by Aestiva is central to its philosophy - that Aestiva should follow your business processes and not require you to change your processes to fit ours.

It's why we offer so many setup scenarios. The philosophy is practical. Business processes evolve over many years and changing them comes with enormous risk. Plus, we need to follow your process to ensure you get what you need, not the other way round.

It's also why Aestiva AP Automation's purchasing system integrates with the AP Automation's Invoice Approval and OCR systems, if or when purchased.

And why Aestiva AP Automation's purchasing system can be purchased as a stand-alone product under the name Aestiva Purchase Order.

Want to find out more? Call for a product demonstration or go visit the AP Automation website.

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