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Aestiva welcomes partners to help us in our mission to bring virtual paperwork to organizations everywhere.

Referral Partners

Do you have customers who could benefit from virtual paperwork? You know; expense reports, HR systems, purchasing systems, time sheets, spreadsheets they currently pass around, and old school systems. Or maybe you have a customer that simply wants to lower their recurring overhead.

As a referral partner you earn $500 to $5,000 for every organization you refer to us who uses us. What a great way to boost your earnings while promoting use of virtual paperwork, the next generation of on-line paperwork. Apply Now

Dealer Partners

Aestiva is looking for dealers to represent Aestiva around the world. Our dealer network in the US will have a market ratio of one dealer for every five million residents. Dealerships are open to organizations who provide professional services to one-hundred or more customers and are well-matched to selling and supporting virtual paperwork. Add a new profit center to your business today. Apply Now

Other Partnerships

If you have a software product that complements our virtual paperwork or you wish to develop solutions with Aestiva technology, or have another way you can help our mission, then apply and tell us here. We review all submissions. Apply Now

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Aestiva does virtual paperwork. We have helped over 1,000 businesses since 1996.

Virtual paperwork is more powerful than ever. It's the go-to alternative to expensive software systems. Now with compliance, audit, user-access control, and the sophistication of advanced enterprise products but without the headaches. We're on a mission to create a world where organizations run smarter, greener, happier, and better.
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