Putting Paperwork On-line, En-masse.

Have a lot of manual processes that are not yet on-line, not reportable, and not easy to access?

Place your paperwork on-line. Give it the power of reporting, workflow, and audit.

Because now you can. Lean Automation reduces costs and the management time you would need to oversee the automations. It makes it practical to place paperwork on-line that was previously not practical.

At Aestiva, we have been working on how to reduce the high costs and high customer efforts required by automations -- two barriers to widespread digitization. The result of that thinking is a deployment strategy we call "Lean Automation."

Lean Automation
Unlike conventional automation, Lean Automation uses parallelism, technology, and a special three-stage process to slash costs, reduce delivery times, and minimize the internal efforts you would otherwise require.

The three-stages of Lean Automation are described below.

Stage One
In the first stage we automate known office processes. This part of the lean automation involves no coding and no systems integrations. Instead, we match your paperwork to known paperwork flows. We conduct field mapping interviews. And we complete the automations using Aestiva technologies.

This Conversions stage does not require much of your time. You identify the paperwork to automate, we match it with known paperwork flows, and you approve the paperwork to convert. That is the limit of your involvement.

Aestiva conducts the mapping interviews needed -- directly with the stakeholders. We perform the Conversions and place the paperwork on-line in a ready-to-use state. And we follow up with training.

Five or more Conversions can be done at a time. In most cases, the paperwork placed on-line will not require additional changes. It will already have workflow, reporting, and access security.

Stage Two
This stage is used for Changes. You may want to add coding, systems integrations, and other features. This step is optional since solutions in Stage One are delivered ready-to-use. Unless added capabilities are needed Stage One is sufficient.

This "Change" stage generally begins a number of months after Stage One so users and you have a chance to properly identify your needs. In this stage, management already has access and oversight of the paperwork. You and all stakeholders are in a better position to make change requests thus improving results.

In this stage, management asks the stakeholders to list must-haves and nice-to-haves. Requested are delivered in batches, when possible.

Stage Three
This is the post-deployment stage. On one hand, you may want to execute additional Conversions and Changes (Steps one and two). Alternatively, you may want to bring the development in-house. In this last case, since Conversions are placed on Webigami, a low-code platform, Aestiva can provide you the training and hosting services to operate autonomously.

Getting Started
The first step in Stage One, the Conversions stage, is the identification of possible paperwork to automate. During this step you create a list of possible paperwork candidates.

To help you in this step, we provide you a list of possible paperwork flows. Here is a small sampling:

• Checklist Flows
Safety checklists, Self-Evaluations check-offs, etc.
• Handbooks Flows
Employee handbooks, SOPs, course materials, training guides, etc.
• Sign-offs Flows
Receipt of materials, staff policy acknowledgements, documents with signatures, etc.
• Approval Requests
Spend requests, leave requests, travel requests, etc.
• Queues
Multi-step tasks, HR onboarding and off-boarding lists, tracking documents, and logistics forms.

All flows come with workflow charts, change orders, ad-hoc invites, reporting and security, as needed for the particular flow.

Next Steps
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